XIV. MFF Water Sea Oceans

XIV. IFF Water – Sea – Oceans

We are bringing you a retrospective of the 14th IFF.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Hluboka nad Vltavou!

The festival realization team

Steve Lichtag

Steve Lichtag The president of the Earth Talks Film Festival, producer and filmmaker. Steve Lichtag (born in 1954), a film producer, director...
Steve Lichtag

Dušan Jurčík

Dušan Jurčík Programme Director of the festival. The Czech Television documentary acquisition dramaturge and co-author of the idea that made Steve...
Dušan Jurčík

Jindřich Soukal

Jindřich Soukal Traveller, scuba diving instructor, filmmaker. His professional career grew together with scuba diving right after 1989. He has...
Jindřich Soukal

Andrea Dobnerová

Andrea Dobnerová IFF Water Sea Oceans Production. Andrea Dobnerová has been actively involved in production and marketing since 1991. She focuses...
Andrea Dobnerová


The festival is aimed at environmental, adventurous, traveller but also documentary films from the water and underwater world. It has been initiated by Steve Lichtag, the president of the festival,
a scuba diver, an adventurer and a filmmaker.
Jindřich Soukal, the vice – president of the festival said to Pavla Kuchtová: The Water – Sea – Oceans Festival has a competitive character.

Český rozhlas
Pavla KuchtováCzech Radio

David Hannan, the major star of the festival, will arrive on Saturday.  A filmmaker,
an environmentalist and one of the best cinematographers in the world has been exploring the oceans for more than fifty years. His company owns an extensive archive of the tropical sea world.
In Hluboka, he will adorn the Czech first night of the film Planet Ocean.
„This is the greatest film project on oceans. David is a cheerful fellow, a tough guy and I think there will be great fun with him“, Steve Lichtag mentioned.


Travellers´ Web will be there in person. Arrive as well if you can. And if you can’t come, follow our website.  We will offer you at least a small tasting from the travellers’ feast!

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A full movie theatre is expected also during the Friday screening of the Battle of Gallipoli. Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the Titanic, has set forth the bottom of the sea in a submarine to trace one great First World War battle and has revealed the truth about a useless massacre of tens of thousands of soldiers.