2014 IFF Results

Short Film

The giants of the Ocean

Hungary, directed by Zsolt Sasdi, 26′

Free Forum

Costa Concordia Disaster – One Year On

USA, directed by Martin Gorst, 48´

Film Story

Hamiltons Abenteuer

Germany, directed by Ulf Marquardt, 44´

Submarine History

U455 –The Mystery of the lost Submarine

France, directed by Stéphane Begoin, 53 ´

Diving Film

Lost Ships Of Rome

USA/Canada, directed by Robert Hartl, 50´

Environmental Film


USA, directed by Andy Mitchel, 48´

Documentary film

Oceans Fury – Alien Deep With Bob Ballard

USA, directed by Chad Cohen, 48´

Grand Prix

War of the Whales

Japan, directed by Shiro Kagawa, 49´