Artistic Achievement

Weather – A Coral Nightmare

Germany, directed by Vanessa Cara-Kerr

Free Forum

Mediterranean – Our Sea

France, directed by Michael Pitiot

Film Story

Soul in the Sea

New Zealand, directed by Amy Taylor

Environmental Film

The Sea of Life

Spain, directed by Daniel Rodriguez

Special Award

Rebalda – The Solovetsky islands

Russia, directed by Elena Otrepyeva

Documentary Film

Expedition Mediterraneum – The last of their species

Germany, directed by Florian Guthknecht

Grand Prix

Series Tara Oceans 1-4

France, directed by Michael Pitiot

Salt Water

Giant Sea Serpant

France, directed by Bertrand Loyer

Fresh Water

The Everglades – A Watery Wilderness

Hungary, directed by Zoltan Tőrők