Grand Prix

Sockeye Salmon – Red fish

Director: Vladislav Grišin, Dmitrij Špilenok (Russia)

Category Environmental Film

Drowning in Plastic

Director: Tom Watt-Smith (Great Britain)

Category Documentary

The Sand Eating Shark

Director: Bertrand Loyer (France)

Category Film Story

The Hunt for Escobar´s Hippos

Director: Andrew Graham Brown (Austria/USA)

Category Art Achievement

Arthropoda Crustaceans

Director: Charles Mercier / France

Category Salt Water

Sounds of Nature

Director: Jacquets Mitsch (France)

Category Fresh Water

Hĺadám Dunaj

Director: Braňo Molnár / Slovakia

Category Best Science Film

Marine Mammals: Champions of the Deep

Director: Bertrand Loyer / France