Steve Lichtag

Steve Lichtag

The president of the Earth Talks Film Festival, producer and filmmaker.

Steve Lichtag (born in 1954), a film producer, director, scriptwriter and filmmaker. He is a graduate of the Brno Conservatory, he started teaching performing arts at the Florida Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1979. More than 20 documentaries have been made by his Twin Star company since 1989. In 2012 he established the Twin Star Film company producing strictly motion pictures. His films have won more than sixty film awards all over the world.

He has been devoting himself to film for over 30 years. His production includes motion pictures and documentaries – mostly involving sea and ocean themes. His films have been shot in the regions of South Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. His film Dance of Blue Angels has proven that his production has a society-wide impact since it has contributed to the Czech Republic joining the International Whaling Commission. His film Strange World has contributed to the amendment of the trout waters management act.

He established the “Water – Sea – Oceans“ International Film Festival in 2004 and became its president. He accepted the presidency of the Earth Talks International Film Festival in 2017.

Motto: “If you want your dream to come true, you have to go to meet it“

His film work includes particularly the following significant titles:
Aldabra: Once Upon an Island (2015)
The Last Hunters (2010)
Prisoners of a White God (2008)
A Myth Called Shark (2006)
Strange World (2006)
Dance of Blue Angels (2004)
Carcharias – the Great White (2001)
Siberia – Land of Sorrow, Land of Hope (1991)
Quo vadis, Cambodia (1988)

And the following books:
Dance of Blue Whales (2006)
Waiting for White Death (2002)