Jindřich Soukal

Jindřich Soukal

Traveller, scuba diving instructor, filmmaker.

His professional career grew together with scuba diving right after 1989. He has owned diving centres in the Czech Republic and in Croatia since 1998. Together with scuba divers and film productions he started to visit different world´s diving locations. From the Red Sea, over the Indian Ocean to the Galapagos. As a diving instructor he has issued hundreds of scuba diving licenses and a few dozens of dive-master and professional certifications.

In the last 17 years he has aimed his instructor activities at the Bali Island in Indonesia. He is the co-owner of the Relax Bali resort. He cooperates with the local authorities to create an intertidal “non – fishing“ zone, Cuba marine park and he is a co-author of “the Relax Bali Wreck – Occupied by the sea“ project, an artificially sunk ship wreck and its subsequent monitoring under the water. Relax Bali wreck is a project based on monitoring the changes of an artificial undersea reef – a sunk boat. Occupying of the boat by the underwater flora and fauna is monitored in a time – lapse way.

At the same time he still spends his time travelling to the beauties of the undersea world within his scuba diving club and the CK Relax Dive community.

His crucial meeting with the filmmaker Steve Lichtag has resulted in their cooperation in underwater films and documentaries. He participated in shooting films such as The Last Hunters, Expulsion From Paradise or the latest film of the Twin Star Film production – Aldabra: Once Upon an Island 3D as an underwater cinematographer and the head of underwater logistics.

He has been the director of the Water Sea Oceans International Film Festival in Hluboka nad Vltavou since 2009.